DrumPerfect Pro
  • DrumPerfect Pro is one of the most realistically sounding virtual drummer apps on the AppStore. Experience the sound of drum kits with 16 multi-sampled instruments, each of which can consist of samples in up to 8 velocity levels.
  • Smart Swing, Jam! Dynamics, configurable Humanise options, Laidback timing option, Snare buzz and Hi-hat emulation are only a few of the functions in DrumPerfect Pro that make this app sound like a real drummer.
  • Every drum stroke in a pattern of arbitrary time signature has its own individual settings for velocity, probability and micro-timing within the pattern grid.
  • Powerful editing options and functions such as Pattern Merge and Append make creating variations and combinations of existing patterns a breeze.
  • DrumPerfect Pro features DrumPerfect Player, an auv3 audio unit to be used in hosts such as AUM and Audiobus. Both player and app (via Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus) support Individual outputs per instrument.
  • DrumPerfect Pro features a store with sound packs in many different styles, carefully handcrafted by artist Gilbert Medam.
  • Excellent connectivity within the iPadOS ecosystem guarantees seamless integration with other apps: support for incoming Midi clock with transport control, Inter-App-Audio with transport control, Audiobus and Ableton Link sync with start/stop control.
  • Supports Midi file import and Midi file export, as well as iPadOS' Files app and Document Picker to store to and load from cloud storage.
  • Extensive options for audio and midi file rendering with optional stem export.